Exhaust System Service

Exhaust systems help maintain a quiet ride and prevent harmful gases from entering your vehicle

The exhaust system in your car or truck has progressed over time to become a combined safety and emission control system. The exhaust system should be inspected regularly and repaired immediately at our service center if you notice any problems. The exhaust system’s very purpose is to protect a vehicle’s occupants from harmful engine gases by redirecting those gases away from the car to the outside air. The exhaust system also helps to ensure a quiet and peaceful experience by minimizing engine exhaust noises while driving in and around Baltimore. The catalytic converter is an exhaust system component that minimizes the amount of dangerous pollutants found in the engine exhaust. Other components of the exhaust system include oxygen sensors. These sensors monitor oxygen levels in the exhaust gases for the purpose of ensuring the overall efficiency of the catalytic converter and engine’s operation.

Various factors contribute to the wear and tear of your vehicle’s exhaust system, including your driving habits, road conditions (salt, bumps, road spray), the type of vehicle, and the age of the exhaust system parts. Some warning signs that may indicate vehicle exhaust system problems would include loud rattling noises heard during vehicle startup, acceleration, braking, and experiencing drowsiness while driving.

Whitey’s Service offers complete automotive exhaust repair and service at our automotive repair service center. Our mechanics are considered the exhaust system specialists in New Hyde Park and offer complete exhaust system repair and replacement services for all foreign and domestic cars and trucks.

The five key components of your car’s exhaust system

There are many factors that affect how often your car will require exhaust service and replacement of its various parts, such as your driving habits (i.e. if you frequently take short trips), poor road conditions, vehicle type, and the age of the exhaust system parts. There are five main parts in a typical exhaust system, and they all need to be functioning properly in order to ensure your safety. The five parts are:

  • Exhaust Manifold:

    Located at the forefront of the exhaust system, it is responsible for venting gases from multiple cylinders into one pipe, and burning leftover fuel that was not burned properly by the engine.

  • Oxygen Sensor:

    Sends readings of oxygen levels to the car’s computer, which then regulates the amount of fuel is needed in the engine for the greatest fuel efficiency.

  • Exhaust Pipes:

    Carries exhaust through the entire system, from the manifold at the front to its exit at the tailpipe.

  • Catalytic Converter:

    Converts carbon monoxide and other harmful gases into carbon dioxide and water vapor, making it more environmentally-friendly.

  • Muffler:

    Acts as a silencer for the exhaust system’s loud noises of combustion.