Cooling System Repair

Your vehicle’s coolant plays a vital role in the performance and longevity of your vehicle.

One of the most important and valuable maintenance services you can do for your car is the Cooling System Service. The cooling system in your car helps keep your most valuable components in top shape. This can save you $1000’s in repairs.

How the cooling system helps your car

Your car’s cooling system helps keep your engine, sometimes transmission and other components, cool and operating efficiently. When a major part of your car such as the engine overheats, it can freeze up. A damaged engine is usually the most costly repair on a vehicle. A new or rebuilt engine can cost, $5,000-$7,000 and sometimes more! Preserving your engine with preventative measures is a tiny sliver of that price.

Your car’s cooling system consists of coolant (anti-freeze) that flows through many parts of your vehicle. It flows from your car’s radiator through your car’s engine and back again through the radiator. During its travel, it goes through hoses and past the thermostat.

The coolant has properties that aid in the cooling and lubricating functions. As coolant gets older it loses those useful properties. Your car’s coolant changes in its pH and viscosity. Those changes then stops to protect the vehicle’s parts AND begins to damage the very parts they sought to protect.

Important: The coolant in your car that starts out fresh and useful eventually becomes stale and destructive to your car. Your coolant’s pH levels can begin to erode metal parts. Your car’s coolant can allow rust to grow. In the end, very important and expensive parts of your vehicle are at risk of failing because of the breakdown of your coolant.